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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Audience Participation (for some reason)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Audience Participation (for some reason)

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For some reason, I am haunted and amused by an image I came up with off the cuff a few days ago. I'll quote it out of a log from the game in question:

[Slytherin] Roderick imagines Carson as Saruman. "TONIGHT, you big brutes, you taste man quiche!"
[Slytherin] Matthew DIES.
[Slytherin] Hot And Bothered Snape HOWLs
[Slytherin] Fighting the Man, Dougal says, "...there's just too much material in that."
[Slytherin] Roderick says, "I don't know about this whole... rugged beast-man thing. It's so very seventies, don't you think?"
[Slytherin] Brenna says, "So that's how you spell tzjuj.."
[Slytherin] Hot And Bothered Snape says, "Gesundheit."
[Slytherin] Roderick "Graughr akthakntothk!" "Oh I know, we're always afraid to try a change. KYAN! This fellow /needs/ a facial."

So I keep imagining Carson in Saruman costume, saying 'Tonight, you taste man flesh!'-- and this amuses me to no end.

Kyan saying 'I find your lack of faith disturbing' isn't that funny. I want it to be, but it just isn't.

--So. What other film lines become really quite funny when delivered by someone from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?
  • Kyan scrubbing at a sink, yelling "BACK, YOU FILTH" (Sam vs. Shelob).

    Thom walking into the first large room in Moria and yelling "NOOOOOO" like Gimli (only in his case reacting to the decor).

    Jai as Pippin. Any scene, any line.

    Ted doing Legolas's "one small bite can fill the stomach of a grown man" line re: lembas.
  • Okay, it just goes to show how far out of modern TV culture I am-- when you said 'Carson as Saruman', I thought of Johnny Carson.
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