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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The Clue Fairy is struck by how Babylon 5 seems to echo our world so damn much, lately.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The Clue Fairy is struck by how Babylon 5 seems to echo our world so damn much, lately.

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mucha mosaic
'Every day, here and at home, we are warned about the enemy... but who is the enemy? Is it the alien? Well, we are all alien to one another. Is it the one who believes differently than we do? No. Oh no, my friends. The enemy is fear. The enemy is ignorance. The enemy is the one who tells you that you must hate that which is different. Because in the end, that hate will turn on you... and that same hate will destroy you.'

--From 'And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place'
  • B5 is an endless source of amazing quotes, IMHO.
  • Scarily ironic.

    Clue Fairy. Hee. I love that icon the more I see it. I imagine the caption as: "Look, d'you want to be a bloody real boy or not? I've got a fuckin' schedule to keep."
  • That was what I loved about The Twilight Zone, for it's time it really challenged social issue affecting 1960's America. It gave TV a brain for a while
  • Disturbingly ironic...
  • Watching seasons three and four of Bab5 in today's political climate is really eerie.
    • yeah, I've been watching my way through it and going '...HOW DID HE KNOW???'
  • One of the best episodes ever :)
  • speaking of Bab5 history becoming our present...

    ...when does San Diego get nuked?

    Just wondering...
  • G'kar has the best lines=)
  • Just wait until Clark becomes President.

    • Until?
      • :)
        • Well, Clark became president in the midst of an apparent terror act, in which the prior president was killed. As it turns out, Clark got into the presidency via the mesoamerican technique known as the coup d'etat, in which military and commercial interests end-run the electoral process to get someone in who will permit them to encourage open warfare with the rest of the galaxy, which they justify to the constituents by prattling on about the alien menace.

          So again: 'until?'
          • Of course, I was joking about a Democrat candidate's name, not
            attempting to engage in analogy, but whatever floats your boat!

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