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Since Presidential primary season is coming...

...first off, get a load of this shit (worksafe link, @ CNN). Yeah, George. The sanctity of marriage needs preservation in the eyes of the law. Thanks so much for reminding me that Church and State are separate entitys under the Constitution you're sworn to protect, and are so set on protecting that you wish to change it.
Simple obscenity doesn't begin to cover how this makes me feel, but I'll use it to sum up: fuck you too, asshole. You talk about how you're all about building compromise and mutual respect and then you pull this? The most appropriate nickname I can think of for you is 'The Great Divider': everything you do seems to be built specifically with gratifying about 50% of the populace in mind, and offending the living shit out of the other 50%. Oh, and your wife should've stood trial on vehicular manslaughter charges, after you know, hitting a man and him dying and all.

For those of you who will have any contact with things Republican, I ask you to have a look at the chunk of my 'Memories' on LJ which I have titled 'The Case Against George Walker Bush'. Your party deserves a better candidate. For any of you who are considering voting for Mr. Bush, please skim through those entries, and reconsider that decision.

For those of you who are thinking of voting Green at a presidential level this year: I voted Green at the mayoral level this year, because I found the official Democratic mayoral candidate for my city singularly noxious. I'd ask that you help elect anybody who isn't King George the Second. While none of the Dem candidates seem especially impressive at present, I think you would have to agree that any of them is a better candidate from a Green-Party policy perspective than a gentleman who wavers between being highly conservative and Christian-rightwing-conservative. I don't know that there's a much more important agenda in Politics today than getting the Great Divider out of office.

No, this isn't the first unpaid presidential ad you're likely to see.

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