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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
The various pairs of pants that I was pimping around perhaps looking for a new home since I can't fit in them anymore?
I can fit in most of them again. Not COMFORTABLY, still a squeeze- but I no longer feel like I'm getting cut in half to get them on.

  • PANTS! Hoorah.

    I shall strive to follow the example of your fine household, as I want my pants back. (I've stemmed the ballooning tide, but haven't made much progress on actual reduction yet.)
  • It's the right trousers!

    Yay! Pants that fit are one of life's good things.

    Since you're not on the Dunnett LJ-group that I can see, here's a quiz made by emmarytz -- find out which Lymond character you are over HERE!

    Tell me what you got. I got Kate; I wonder what I'll get next time...
  • Hooray!

    Viva el pulpo!
  • That is definitely a good feeling and one I've recently come to know myself. Another good one is needing to buy new underwear... in a smaller size.
  • fitting the breeches

    an no vaseline product was needed...this is a good place to be.

    i knew a girl who used to lather the vaseline to slide into her jeans. i never understood...
    • Re: fitting the breeches

      To make it easier to slide out later in the evening?

      Just a thought.
      • Re: fitting the breeches

        To make it easier to slide out later in the evening?

        yes, you'd think it had something to do with that. but we were in high school and neither of us was that active. she was an american girl who just got back from spending a year in japan. having glued on jeans had been the latest rage there.
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