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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Humor is often found in juxtaposition.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Humor is often found in juxtaposition.

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mucha mosaic
Currently, in most of the northeast, it is somewhere around -5 Fahrenheit.

Currently, the Mars Lander is tooling around in a cosy 12 Fahrenheit.

  • Current temp here in Burlington: -11 F
    Current Wind Chill: -35 F

    Man, Mars seems nice and toasty about now.
  • Heh.
  • Temp this morning near the place of my birth (Loring AFB Maine), Carribou Maine: -22F, temp in Eugene at the same time: 40F, high today of 60.

  • Dude, it's so not the /temperature/, it's the /wind chill/ that gets you. Silly west coasters! :>
    • You're right, it is the windchill that makes it even worse.

      -5 Fahrenheit is still just ABSURD, though.
      • I was in Philidephia about a decade ago during their record low for that cold January day. The temperature plummeted to -20 below at midday, then continued to fall throughout the night.

        We were there for a model United Nations, and, being the busibody private school kids that we were, we were up before the sun was fully up to run out for donuts and coffee. My friend Slade went out with wet hair, saying at the time that I was being silly in my concern about the temperature. After all, he said, he had a heavy coat and felt just fine.

        The little pastry shop we'd wanted to go to was closed for some unfathomable reason, so we turned dejectedly back for the Hardee's we'd spied near the hotel. As we did so, I happened to catch a glimpse of Slade out of the corner of my eye, and observed what appeared to be an icicle hanging off of one ear, casting tiny rainbows down and along one cheek.

        "Uh, man, I think your hair's frozen," I observed.

        "It is not," he said with a sneer.

        I reached a hand over and flicked one of the strands of his falling hair as hard as I could. It broke and fell to the ground. Tink.

        After the incident, he was mercilessly flicked in the head time and time again "just to check."

        That, my friend, is cold. :)
    • I don't qualify finding that shocking and distressing as being a wussy west-coaster. I qualify that as being a SENTIENT BEING.
      Good christ!

      But it's warmer than that where the Mars Rover is tooling around, during the day.
      • I'd like to think the Rover has earned its summertime vacation having hurtled through the COLD VASTNESS OF SPACE. :)

        Meanwhile, someone in Antarctica is thinking, "Bah, his skin didn't turn black and slough off...What kind of story is this?" :)

        I'm seriously amazed that none of us got frostbite during that trip, in all seriousness-- it was a totally unforcasted cold snap, so, though we had coats and gloves and hats and whatnot, we were /not/ dressed for the conditions.


      On the theme of Model UN trips: In February of 1985 I was at the Model UN convention held in Washington, D.C. (I forget which college was hosting). Anyways, there was a snowfall that weekend that dropped a big TWO INCHES on the populace.

      All offices and businesses shut down.


      On the bright side, there was a group of students there from Puerto Rico who had never seen snow in their entire lives. It was great to see them having a snowball fight, albeit with two inches of snow.

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread, already in progress...
  • It was -4 when I got in the car to come to work this morning..

    Which means that it will likely be a balmy -6 when I go to leave tonight.

    And I forgot my gloves at home.

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