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Book stuff.

Pimping nihilistic_kid's forthcoming novel 'Move Under Ground', which now is available at Amazon for 30% off. More information about the book can be found here.
I promised someone a copy of this book- she will be pleased to know it will ship when Amazon gets it. It should be available in May.

Aside from nihilistic_kid, other promising novels are to be seen.
February: New Jasper Fforde novel (third Wednesday Next novel); The Well Of Lost Plots. I've already read this one, and it was MUCH better, IMHO, than Lost in a Good Book. Also, new Robert Holdstock (the sequel to Celtika) same month.
March: new Guy Gavriel Kay. I cannot say enough about how this one is bound to be impressive. Also, new Walter Jon Williams novel ('The Sundering': sequel to the novel he did around this time last year that I and scanner_darkly enjoyed so damn much).
April: Neal Stephenson gets picaresquer.
June: New Jeff Vandermeer (which is probably going to be intriguing), new Gene Wolfe (which will probably be good). Oh, and Larry Niven found a dead horse to beat a bit harder in the Ringworld books.
May: Move Under Ground. Move UnderGround. MOVE UNDERGROUND. Buy this book, or I'll feed kittens into a chipper-shredder, with the expelling end pointed at you. And nobody looks good in kitten bits.
July: I find listed a new James Morrow, titled 'The Cat's Pajamas', scheduled to press by a publisher named 'Tachyon Publications'. Oddly, new Ray Bradbury slated to press same month, same title, by a publisher named Morrow. *ahem* Also, new Graham Joyce, new China Miéville.
August: new 'Year's Best Fantasy & Horror', Datlow/Grant/Link edited.
September: Clive Barker continues the Abarat series he kicked off in 2002. The one that Disney optioned, sight-unseen, for 5 million. Also the second book of Storm Constantine's new Wraeththu trilogy (a prequel to the originals from 15 years back) comes out in September. Oh, and Neal Stephenson finishes the trilogy he's in the middle of.

About done with Three Musketeers. I'm absently amusing myself with casting thoughts for a PROPER Three Musketeers movie: the thought that crossed my mind most strongly is that Aramis' manservant, the redoubtable Bazin, should be played by Rene Auberjonois. Simply because Mr. Auberjonois is SO DAMN GOOD at being a screamingly funny uptight straight-man.
Any thoughts that you have for who should be cast as whom in the Ideal and Impossible Three Musketeers movie?

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