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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

So what it is it about guys named Derek.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

So what it is it about guys named Derek.

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mucha mosaic
For the longest time, every guy I would develop a crush on from a distance- would run into at the local cafe and drool over- was a dark-haired, green-eyed boy with a slim build who would turn out to be named Derek.
It was positively spooky- to the extent that if I started drooling over a guy, friends just refer to him as 'Derek' if nobody knew his name. And nine times out of ten (or 14 times out of 16, to be more accurate), they'd be right.

Went to pub last night w/ lemasquegris and vampirequeen and fuschiko and fiveinchpixie and wurmfood, for trivia night. The boy I'd noticed last time I was there was there again, and a bit of conversation happened.
Guess what this dark-haired green-eyed boy's name is.

Anyone else have a name that just sort of plagues you like this, or do I live in a weird Jungian sub-basement?
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  • That is deeply and utterly trippy. I had a plague of Daves for a while, but not to that extent, and they all tended to be visually different.

    If it's any consolation, the only Derek I've known -- while dark-haired, pale, and green-eyed -- was very much on the hefty side.
    • A Plague Of Davids

      At this SF convention back in Brisbane (maaaany moons ago kemosabe), there was a plague of no fewer than four Davids. They were all dark haired, cheerful, wore glasses (for reading or permanently) and all four were connected with the concommittee. On countless occasions this or that frazzled concompoop would poke their head into a room, yell, "David?" and get multiple responses. By the end of the con it'd become a running gag, to the extent that joe-random-congoer would yell "David?" and most of any given room (including the women) would turn round and cry "YES?"

      David Gerrold, the G.O.H. was one of the Gang of Four.
      The second was the husband of the con treasurer.
      The third was the brother-in-law of the con president.
      I saw the fourth of them for the first time in a hall costume (black cape, black loincloth, NOTHING else), and the rest was biology. We're still not-ruining-two-houses, more than twenty years later.

      I guess if there is a moral to this story, or an immoral, it's that plagues aren't always Bad Things.
  • I've never really had one like that, but I've known many a similar case. You are not alone in that basement, at least. I just hope it's well-lit and not too damp.
  • Odd. I went to high school with a guy that matches this description. Last I heard he was doing illustrations in the RPG biz...
  • our derek (at work) is a blonde slightly chubby one. heh

    but the closest to your dilemma was my dating 4 pisceans in a row. tho i am one myself, it still felt spooky.
  • Steve.
  • I numerous relationships that I have been in there has been a Carrie that is causing drama/ trauma, most of the time she has been an ex but not always. So I get really scared when I find out that someone that I am dating has an ex named Carrie.
  • Hmmm... was Derek on the team of Dean's huge Iowa Caucuses? Or the team that would let the quizmaster lick things off their chests? ;)
    • The sec-- YOU WERE THERE???
      • Don't look turn around

        @set me=Stalker
        @set me=!Stalker

        Sadly, I wasn't there, but I might have been! :) However, I couldn't go -- but I heard all about the evening and the various teams from the friend who had invited me. :) Did your team place?
        • Re: Don't look turn around

          nope, we never have; we just have fun trying to. But the new Derek was the fellow who accepted the tackiest name prize for 'The quizmaster can...'
  • My mom. She married two men named Dennis. Last initial S. Birthday: April 12, 1951.

    One of her recent boyfriends: Dennis S. Also an Aries, but not the same day
  • I dated three different guys whose birthdays were May 22, if that counts.
  • There's the whole Tom thing, but I think I've broken that habit.
    • My sister married a guy named Dave who left her a few years ago. She now has a house with another guy named Dave. Not quite as many as yours, but still amusing and sometimes annoying when we're talking about the ex and the current.
  • I've had a number of crushes on girls whose middle name was Marie.
  • what's in a...yeah.

    i remember one of your dereks. pizza-dispensing, fire-spinning, ticket-scalping, sort of like a youngish fagin who'd modeled himself on something outof modern primitives.

    me, i've had some bad luck with a particular name. such as: terrible high-school friend-crush, and the only one who wasn't about to come out as gay until after he'd entered college; ex-speed addict (crappy) musician with a nice, simple sex-for-food-and-lodging proposition; tortured artist cheating on his girlfriend (whom everybody assumed i knew about) with me; painfully introverted, depressed loner/misanthrope with a consuming disease phobia (it consumed a goodly part of our relationship, for one)... um, yeah. the name sort of turns me off, these days. if you figure it out, good for you. if you're curious, ask in person.
  • i don't really have the name thing - but i tend to go for jewish leos (not necessarily both at the same time, but)... this has been a strangely consistant thing since grade school.
  • Clearly you are a masochistic solipsist with impeccable taste in men and a fondness for the phonemes of "Derek".

    I have been plagued by Scotts: first crush in fifth grade, another in eighth, another in high school, one in college that I actually dated, one out of college I didn't, and one in recent history. None of them particularly looked like each other, though.

    My other issue is with 23s. My birthday is 23 February, my ex-husband's was 23 March, we met on 23 April and discovered we were born exactly 23 months apart.

    And then there's the fact that I dated a Bo and then a Luke, consecutively. Dukes of Hazzard, anyone?
  • Jenny don't you lose my number!

    I have been involved with no fewer than four women named some version of Jennifer. So far, though, none of them have spelled or pronounced them quite the same way. Three of them hurt me rather badly, when our relationships were dying.

    It's kind of bizarre. But, it's not just you.
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