June 18th, 2010

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So AT&T is officially fired: me calling and saying 'my line gave out @ 9:30 tonight instead of just getting wonky @ 9:30 like it's been doing the past few days' got an hour and a half of tech support babble from 1st tier support- my use of phrases like saying 'Hi! Thanks for picking up to help me. I've rebooted the modem 6 times, I'm directly connected to the modem even, but my computer can't see it in IE or Firefox when I use the IP address printed on the sticker underneath' did not get me auto-bumped to tier 2. Nor, did the tech support person I spoke to seem to even know what that meant.
Oh, and if a remote technician doing a line fix doesn't work tomorrow, they can get a tech 'round to deal with this on Monday.

So, looks like I'm getting a new ISP.