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Potentially unkind poll.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Potentially unkind poll.

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I am going to get myself a burger at Hot and Hunky this Friday, so.

Poll #230516 Good fuck, or a cheeseburger?

Do you need a good fuck?

GOOD? how about A fuck.
Need? no. Want? Sure.
oh, I guess.
Not really.
I already GOT one. It's-uh verrah nahs, yeas-uh

Do you need a cheeseburger?

I'm so vegetarian it hurts. Just like Morrissey.
I wouldn't say NEED, but I might enjoy...
Oh, I could take it or leave it.
I TOLD him we already GOT one.

Are you a whiny bitch who will go on about how unhealthy a cheeseburger is, or how trampy a good fuck is?

I can't believe he called me a whiny bitch MOOOOOOOOOOOOMMYYYYYYYYY
Well, I wouldn't say I'm a whiny bitch. I'll just mention it once.
everything fun in life is immoral, illicit, or bad for you.
No. Need help curbstomping?

Part of the purpose of this poll was to goad some acquaintances and friends into getting their acts together and doing things they wish to do. If you're offended, my apologies: however, if you're offended, is this because you're not getting enough good fucking or cheeseburgers?
  • Hey, this isn't fair. I hate cheeseburgers. I need a crappy McDonald's hamburger!

  • Strange Never-related trivia: my very first boyfriend worked as a waiter at Hot 'n' Hunky.
    • You mean long ago and far away, you and I may have already hit on the same man without even having met???

      • It's not unthinkable. We used to tell everyone at the restaurant that I was his cousin so that the regulars would continue to tip him well.
  • Ironically, you posted this right when I'd ordered a cheeseburger.


  • Wail and woe, for Hot'N'Hunky in the Castro by the Mint is no more! Gone is the pink Marilyn Monroe decor and gay atmosphere! Now it is a sad, sad sort of Japanese fish place, and something very gay has died in all of us.
    • whaaat? truly, a part of my youth is gone.
      oh, that is sad.
      wait, are we thinking of the same one? on 18th St. is what I'm thinkin'...
      • The one on 18th between Collingwood & Castro is still there.

        The one @ Church and Market- which was the first I ever encountered, and which was like unto an oasis in the desert when I found it- is no more, and has been replaced by a Japanese restaurant after a brief non-franchise run as Hot 'n' Chunky, and I find this truly saddening.
  • It is not particularly surprising that, after all these years, I still miss Hot and Hunky. (We used to live a block away.) What's funny to me though, is that my MOM still mentions them, when it's been about 12 years since we lived there.
  • Though I simply must complain that my wonderfully good fuck is still being delayed by the medical issues and goddamn it longest dry spell since I started masturbating for chrissake Ahem.
  • Can I be both not getting enough good fucking AND cheeseburgers? :)
  • Current statistics

    Those of you who want a fuck, good or otherwise, outnumber those who say they already have one by 2 to 1.

    Those of you who would like a cheeseburger are also in the majority.

    And those of you who think everything good is immoral, illicit, or bad for you are also in the majority, though curbstomping the whiny seems pretty popular, too.
  • I just want to check something - you can have the fuck and the cheeseburger, right? It's not a one or the other?

    'Cause if so - yes. A good fuck and a good cheeseburger sounds mighty fine.
    • Yes, both are a statistical possibility: though now, I'm wondering which is needed more urgently, though. Perhaps I should've made a separate question for 'which one do you think you need more'
      • Perhaps the relationship is cyclic. With a good fuck, you expend energies, energies that might be replaced by a...Good cheeseburger. Yet do not forget those who so envigored by their consumption of sumptuous, cheese dripped cow flesh dash to their domicile of choice and cry, "MILDRED[/WILLARD], prepare thine naughty bits for savagery!"

        The importance of which, then, is related entirely to which one came most recently.
        • See, that's why I was wondering. I mean, after a good fuck, a good cheeseburger is necessary - but it builds up energy, which could lead to a good fuck, needing a cheeseburg, so...

          That's why I was curious about whether it was an either/or thing, because the two are intertwinned...
          • Furthermore, is there an additional merit to having both at once, or would the marriage of the two in a moment detract implicitly from the value of both? After all, if one has both a cheeseburger and a fuck, would one's bliss not be torn in half, falling away riven like so many lacy panties? I ask you.

            It probably doesn't matter in the long term-- I have it on good authority that Jesus hates them both.

            Dude, for a guy with long hair, you are SUCH a prude.
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