September 10th, 2009

slightly more than $.02

So I deleted a fuckton of mail

So I went through what was on my harddrive and in my hotmail accounts and got rid of a ton of email that I don't need anymore.
by 'a ton' I mean 'I hadn't deleted any, really, since 2007'.

...okay, reading stuff from March 2007 -> April 2008?
A: I should've got the fuck out of Microsoft a while before I did.
B: I think I may have actually been just a little crazy, back then. Not 'you need to be locked up' but 'you are behaving irrationally' crazy.

Apologies all 'round for putting you through me being that wiggy for a year. And my thanks for putting up with it.
hey where it's at! yeeeah

a bit of humor

m4dh4tt3r: New pickup line: "haha, sorry, my awesome zombie literature tattoo band has pretty awkward piercings"
colubra: ...
I want no context on that quote. It is far better living in my imagination than ANY actual context could make it.