August 19th, 2009

bernard black

new definition of fiscal irony:

Spending almost as much on the archival framing job of the 220+-year-old ukiyo-e print you own as you spent buying it.

In other news, today was busy. Drove m4dh4tt3r to the airport, grabbed a bite to eat down there, went grocery shopping, drove home, took the rubbish and recycling out, did some more 'oh hi I'm happy to be the organizer' stuff in the kitchen and fit another moving box's contents in without really thinking about it, then went out with friends who brought me startling news.

idle curiosity, part the 234985702938746th

So what is the worst movie you've ever seen in a theater, Gentle Reader? Not the one you thought afterwards 'I want those X hours of my life back' about, but the film about which all rational thought screamed 'how could this film have even happened? WHO THOUGHT THIS MADE SENSE???' as you left your seat, and perhaps even in the middle of the night you lay there staring at the ceiling wondering how anyone sane could've permitted this film to see the light of day.

Mine's a toss-up: either the preview screening cut of Kurt Russell's Soldier (which I even walked out of), or Cloverfield (aka The Blair Monster Project), which only took myself and doroc_sabah the length of a hallway and one escalator to enact an entire Statler & Waldorf routine about, without even realizing it.

So what are your all-time losers, cinema-wise?