July 9th, 2009

angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)

london update, last for a bit (8th London entry)

So I was out of bed before 0700 (I'd forgotten that such hours EXIST). Showered, tracked down last few items, broke my fast, to train to tube to King's Cross train station (sidebar: I know this is a possessive and there was a cross which was the King's around here once, but I always read the station as the declarative case: the King's cross! Look inobtrusive!), where I currently wait for the FLYING SCOTSMAN to take me to Edinburgh.
...I do hope there's no trebuchet involved.
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the Clue Fairy

Edinburgh update

Made it to Edinburgh. The train ride was singularly painless. Lovely day up here- sunny and clear, mostly (the rain has spat at us once). doroc_sabah is still his charming self, and we're about to trundle out of his place to see this and that about town.

Later, boozeahol consumption will ensue.