June 17th, 2009


LA anecdote the second: humor.

So yesterday AM I got to the office before anyone else did (I turned in very early, woke at some ungodly hour, and was there @ 9 sharp). I didn't have a key, so I texted my boss that I was gonna hang out in the cafe downstairs, grab me on your way in. So after a croissant, me and my coffee cup went outside for a smoke. Now, the supposedly oldest gay bar in Hollywood is right across the street from the cafe. Out front is a gent in his 60s having a smoke- we sort of nod at each other in that 'I acknowledge that you are a physically present entity' sort of way.
Then this guy comes jogging up the street, built like a brick shithouse, handsome face, and wearing jogging shorts and running shoes, hair tie, an iPod nano, and nothing else.
So I just casually leaned against the lamppost and let my head track him... and the guy across the street noticed, glanced, and when jogger was right between us, we had one of those 'oh my, we were both scoping out the same person. AWKward, hahahahaha' moments.
end anecdote
EDIT because I lied like a lying thing what lies around lying:
I just happened to see jogger dude again...
...in the hall of the building I work in, wearing an expensive-looking suit.
FIST of an ANGRY GOD, I tell ya.