June 14th, 2009


Today, random people on the street were friendly and cheerful

I went to the cafe up the street for dinner- passed three people who all cheerfully wished me a VERY good evening- in that exact term.
In the restaurant was the woman that my locally-residing now-coworker and I met while stumbling through a few beers- who went out of her way to say hi, to tell me it was so nice that we'd met, to chat a bit.
After dinner, was standing outside reading and smoking under a streetlight and a passer-by said I was the best person she'd seen all day, that it was just so cool that I'd do that.
About a half-hour ago, woke from a weird dream, went outside and was informed 'life rules' by a guy riding by on his bike- who a bit further up on the block got hailed by a bunch of folks hanging out on the stoop across the street. So he swung back to the corner I was on, so he could get on the opposite side of the raised median, and on his way back laughingly said 'see? I toldja life rules!'

This series of experiences has me going '...what on earth juju have I been putting out there, because this kind of thing NEVER happens to me!' Quite a pleasant change of events, however.

There's been a lot of pleasant changes of the way of things lately, though.