May 18th, 2009

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Thoughts from the Depths...

...of the Uncanny Valley.

So dicking around on Second Life last night, I noticed a person who'd obviously spent a lot of money on fitting out their avatar- and obviously had a very firm picture in their mind of what they wanted their avatar to look like- and who was, frankly, so hideous I couldn't bear leaving the camera on his avatar as it jerked around dancing.

I mean, dude was seriously creepy.

Stepping back and thinking about it as 'this guy made a conscious effort to look this way, and not because he wanted to make my skin crawl' led me to a conclusion:
the Uncanny Valley may well be in different places for each of us. I might find animatronic Lincoln, in the Hall of Presidents at Disneyland, creepy- but you may not.

Tenser, said the Tensor. Tenser, said the Tensor.

Tension, apprehension and dissension have begun!

So at present, I am waiting to hear from the contracting gig regarding the fact their VP of networking is talking with the CEO along these lines:
"So we had colubra down a few weeks back, right? Remember how much fun he was- how much useful data he had? Now we're talking about hiring a community manager- a marketing person- for the beta roll-out of our product. Why don't we hire a customer support person as the community manager, who's able to speak Marketingese, and who's used to reporting bugs to dev and networking? that seems a hell of a lot smarter."