May 6th, 2009


Music meme followup

So #3 was a photo of The Stranglers.
#7 was Michael Kamen (who did the score for Brazil, among many other movies).
#9 was Game Theory, & in all odds you've never heard them (it was a bitch dredging up a photo of them).
#11 was The Church.
count only sunny hours

Medidations on being a lazy shit, and invitation to those of us who aren't working on Wed the 20th

So I have spent today doing laundry.
All day.
Really. up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs. I've only done about 2/3rds of the laundry that needed doing.
The thing is this: I got in bad habits with last workplace: I was never home, so I often would skip household tasks in the interests of maximizing utility of my free time.
So. Laundry day.

I have too much clothing. *laugh*

In Other News, Wednesday the 20th is the monthly 'go to the Cal Academy of Science Free' day. I'm thinking about organizing a visit. Alternately, for those who live in my neighborhood, we're allowed in free 15-17th of this month, as well (*just bring an ID to prove what zipcode you live in).

Anybody wanna join me?