May 4th, 2008

count only sunny hours

Things to remember for my own birthday time:

So when it rolls around:
Michael Faraday, John Houseman, Shaka Zulu, Erich von Stroheim, Nick Cave, Joan Jett, Anne of Cleves, Tai Babilonia, Billie Piper, Lord Nicholas Windsor's son Albert Louis Philip Edward Windsor, Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, and Rupert Penry-Jones all share my birthday.

Fuck, I share a birthday with Billie Piper. Oh god, I'm a chav(by-association), aren't I.

In unrelated news, bettyscout is older and merits celebration on that front. Also, I subjected people at a karaoke bar to my imitation of David Bowie on a karaoke machine's really substandard instrumentation of 'Ziggy Stardust', & later followed up with my attempt to mimic Chet Baker's 'My Funny Valentine'.