February 20th, 2008

hate television. HATE. (made by Saunteri


Since Rasputin's had a copy for cheaper than the cost of renting it, and I find Christian Bale staggeringly handsome, I bought it. Then I went home, and watched the lunar eclipse.

Point in fact: the moon DOES turn blood red and then phase back in, black-turning-white. That was pretty awesome.

While I was polishing off Equilibrium, which didn't SUCK ASS (and which I recommend to anybody who thinks Christian Bale spends too much time on the screen and not enough time on me), crotalus_atrox paged for tech support. Because that's how I pay her back for the comic she works on like mad: she gets to ask me for tech support, if I can give it. If I can't, I know where to point her for tech support that doesn't suck.

And I dared her to post Fox, in Friendly Hostility, coming to the realization that struck me today.

'I'm not as handsome as Christian Bale. And neither are 6 billion other people. And I'm kinda okay with that.'

This is, in part, a placemarker entry (and one that you, crotalus_atrox, can ask to have yanked, by the by!): I'm curious what the current lead time is on Friendly Hostility. ;)