November 14th, 2005

right., er

home improvement query

The front room in my place has a gargantuan walkin closet. It fits all of my clothing and my dresser, reasonably well. The walkin has two doors- one into the hall, one into the front room.
I'm wanting to put a new rod into it- the door into the hallway has no rod in front of it, but I'd like to use it as somewhere for guests to hang their coats. The apartment's all plaster-and-lath.

Suggestions on how I ought to make it firmly secure in place would be appreciated- I already know a tension rod won't do the job.

AS it turns out, I am a moron. I looked around in the closet yesterday evening and discovered that there are two-by-fours just sitting there and waiting for closet-rod brackets. This becomes much easier. Still will need to put a center arm on it, though.