June 19th, 2005



Dear Ms. Manners:
Something cropped up in my mind recently in a social setting, and I had hoped that you or your readers might have a suggestion as to how to handle it.

The scenario is: Jack decides to have a party. In the process of inviting folks over, Jack specifically sets out to not invite half of a couple into his home. First question is: were you to be the not-invited party (or the uninvited person's other half), would you just strut yourself (or your SO) into that person's home during a party? If you would, why would you?

Second question: if you were to have chutzpah in that amount, how do you think that Jack, your unintentional host, should handle the rather sticky wicket of reminding you that you (or your SO) weren't asked to join the party, and then asking you (and/or SO) to leave?

I hope that you or your readers can help, Miss Manners. This is a rather difficult conundrum, and I'm simply not sure what etiquette suggests as the best means of handling it.


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mamamoira found, in fact, a Miss Manners article which hit the exact question on the nose: that article is here.
Additionally, some people have expressed concerns or inquiries about the similarity between the above hypothetical and events that occured last night. Yes, the question came to mind because of last night's events; however, this is not an indictment or slam on anybody whom I dealt with last night. This was me building a hypothetical situation out of what I knew, and then going '...chripes, what the hey could one do with this messy hypothetical situation?' I was basically imagining myself in the exact situation above and trying to estimate what the properly mannerly action/response was.
squeee! (by lj-user sandradelete)

Culinary success

Today, when I got up, I threw a frozen salmon steak in the fridge. I added teriyaki sauce once the salmon was pliable, and let it marinate it all afternoon. Just cooked it up now, threw it over rice with a bit of extra teriyaki and hot damn-- I can cook!

I know, it's a majorly simple recipe. However, it honestly still surprises me when I try a recipe I haven't done before and wind up with something that actually tastes damn good.