June 2nd, 2005


Staying home should involve relaxing, shouldn't it?

8 AM: workmen come in. sound of drilling and/or beltsander on other side of bedroom wall.
8:30 AM: Alarm goes off.
9:00 AM: start unloading fridge. Examine things as they come out. Hey lyricagent: I think if we tacked together all the months past expiration date on things that were still in there, we could've made someone who at least had language skills, if not someone who could legally buy alcohol.
9:15 AM: get door for fridge guys. Finish emptying ice cream and frozen things from freezer.
9:25 AM: start loading new omg-so-much-quieter fridge's omg-so-much-bigger freezer.
9:45 AM: tug stove a little further from fridge to see if I could get 2' of space between.
9:47 AM: turn off gas outlet to stove, as the flexy pipe has decided it doesn't want to actually contain gas.


Oh well. But DAMN it's a beautiful fridge!