March 12th, 2005

count only sunny hours

Vaguely an excuse

So some people may have noticed I went missing last night, despite rather wanting to not go missing.

I've been not getting enough sleep this week. I'm not sure what it is, but something's waking me up about 10 to 7 every morning. EDIT to add: I think what it might be is getting to the not-awake-but-attentive-to-the-universe state hearing housemate head down the hall to the garage en route to the gym- and then the upstairs neighbor's alarm going off at 7ish and him having a habit of hitting the ground running.
Last night, I got home and could barely string two sentences together, I was so wiped. I ate some food in the hopes that some energy might wake me up.
By 10:30 I was in bed.
and just about 12 hours later, I was awake.

Obviously, I just wasn't fit for spending time with folks last night. Sorry.
i love this show... (by punkr0ck3er)

Freaking WHACKY dream from Thurs. night

I was at the house of my junior-high best friend. Among the things in the house was a magic pig statue (I blame deep_bluze for this). I call it a magic pig statue because:
1: I picked it up, and looked at it, at the instruction of said best friend's father (who had this fetish for bizarre knick-knacks that was, frankly, amazing). It looked like a pig.
2: Then I noticed it had a sound, so I held it up to my ear, and a little tinny voice would repeat over and over 'Pork is food. Pork is food. Pork is food.' into my ear, like some sort of mantra-
3: when I lowered it, it looked different. The way I had been holding it when I picked it up was one way to see it- and it looked like a pig- but if I held it the other way ‘round, it looked like a chef. Or more precisely, one of James Ensor's Dangerous Cooks.
I proceeded to walk all around the neighborhood I lived in as a child and show this to everybody, all of whom were blown out of the water by the pig-that-became-a-dangerous-cook.
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