January 28th, 2005

fog and bridge

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Just a heads up for you local folks:
I'm off work feb 7 - 11. I'll be farting around the house, doing some housecleaning and straightening up, and otherwise just... not working. Yay.
So if someone would wanna do lunch during that week, do let me know.

Devil's Dictionary: addendi

Emo (n., adj.)
This word derives from the English word emotive, which is a term which is applied to modern music of a certain genre, and folks who adhere to that genre's strictures. Think 'goth', or 'metal': it's a similar use of language.
For those of us born before 1985, it may help to examine 'emo' if we produce an equation to describe it, which I formulate thus:
(Morrissey - glib wit) + .5(New Kids On The Block - assaultively high-end production) = <insert emo band's name here>

fabulous (adj.): a very few.