January 6th, 2005

mucha mosaic

In which your musical tastes are inquired of.

Been reading a novel about serious music geekery- like, on a scale that makes my obsession with David Bowie go '...hmmm, okay, maybe you know more about Bowie than I do'. And for scale, I'm the kind of Bowie geek who walks through The Venetian in Las Vegas, pauses in mid-stride and squints at the ambient music speaker system, walks along slower for about 3 bars until recognizing a classical-instrument arrangement of Bowie's 'Loving the Alien'... then joneses for a copy of the original to listen to for the remainder of the trip to Vegas.
It made me wonder what music you'd want someone else to listen to. Specific songs, actually.
Pick a song- no, it doesn't need to be your Absolute Favoritest Song Evar- that you would view as an essential track.

Poll #414064 Favorite song?

What's your favorite song?

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    'That's Motivation', Bowie
squeee! (by lj-user sandradelete)

In which we debate foregoing the template for headlines to just post "OH HOLY FUCKING SHIT YES"

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    'Paper Moon', Rufus Wainwright