December 16th, 2004


Rumblings of forthcoming books

1: new John Crowley novel, titled; Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land, July 2005

2: new Dan Simmons titled Olympos, July 2005

3: new Clive Barker (which I am assuming will be part of the series he's been doing): the Scarlet Gospels, Aug 2005 in UK

4: two new Jim Butcher novels (1 in the Dresden Files series, 1 of the series he began w/ Furies of Calderon): May & July, 2005

5: new TIM POWERS book: Strange Itineraries, July 2005-- a complete-short-stories anthology.

Too much in July this year, sheesh.
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The guy (kid?) who manages my building, sort of, is cute. In a dorky sort of way, cute, and sort of clumsy socially, but boyishly handsome enough you can just let it slide as a childish sort of likeableness.
This evening, I ran up to shove laundry into the washer and ran into him on his way out, drunk as a lord. We chatted a bit, got laundry started, and then on the way back down he 'happened' to be on the stairs and asked if I wanted to smoke. So okay, we smoke a bit, then he invites me up to his place. And asks me to have a seat and hang out- do you want a drink, yadda yadda. And my stomach, unfortunately, chooses this moment to say 'to the bathroom. NOW.'
See, I have the stomach flu that's been running around, yay. Of course I have stomach flu, I'm getting on a plane tomorrow.

He was really concerned that I was feeling like he was coming on too strong, I could tell that- he did apologize 'if I made you feel weird or anything'.

Obviously, I will have to invite him to the New Year's party, and make sure he knows that no, he didn't make me feel awkward- I was just really feeling crappy.
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