October 26th, 2004


How the hell did I miss this? (brief musical revelation)

It hit me over the head on the train this morning:

(Aztec Camera's first album, High Land, Hard Rain) - British Accent + studiedly 'low tech' production + a bit more of a sense of humor = Rufus Wainwright's second album, Poses.

Given that in high school I wore through eight count them eight cassette tapes of High Land, Hard Rain- and it's still one of my favorite albums of all time- it's little surprise I like Poses.

Now how in hell did I miss this...
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    'Lost Outside the Tunnel', Aztec Camera
mucha mosaic

The Clue Fairy brings you:

An especially favorite proverb, while waiting for a piece of shit machine to re-re-reboot:

When one person calls you an ass, laugh;
when two people call you an ass, think about why;
when three people call you an ass, ears and a tail are a good investment.