October 25th, 2004

mucha mosaic

You know it's over when...

...you're laying in bed, and he's talking, and you find yourself honestly wondering what he'd do if you said "I'm sorry- I can't hear you over all the voices in my head screaming swearwords at God. Could you repeat that a little louder, please?"

...any relationship tactic taken in the book (or film) American Psycho might make sense.

...you wonder what it would smell like if you were to slice open a human body, and push your nose in there, right up against the recently-living meat, and just... inhale.
mucha mosaic

Local kids

November 4, Camper Van Beethoven are playing at the Fillmore.
Tickets are $20 and all general-admission.
I'm thinking I might well want to go. After not seeing them for 15 years, gee, twice in 6 months. Heh.

Anyone else interested?