October 22nd, 2004

mucha mosaic

The following is intended as irony: any responses that do not treat it as such will be deemed ironic

I have found an argument for you to vote Republican. For all of you to.

Think back... back. No, further than that.

Tricky Dick Nixon was perhaps the most evil President we've had, if we qualify 'lying like a rug on Quaaludes to get what you want' as evil. Yet look at the music that came out while he was president.

Then we have Ford, who was a pretty extremely well-meaning guy. And we had shit music, in the main. Then we got Carter- more shit music. The Schoolhouse Rock music is not an exception to the general rules of music at the time, children. Oh my heavens no; the Schoolhouse Rock music was actually a glowing exemplar of what was good music at the time.
Music stayed pretty shitty throughout Carter's term of office, too. Anybody remember John Denver? Anybody sit up late at night praying they could forget John Denver?
How about the sharp cutting-edge social commentary of the Carpenters?
Then we got Old Mother Reagan. Ronald 'I was the worst governor of California ever' Reagan.
During his tenure in office, we got the Dead Kennedys. We got Camper Van Beethoven. We got some of Springsteen's best work, we got Prince, we got Bowie back from seclusion, we got REM. Ronnie's chum Maggie Thatcher, AKA The Iron Maiden, just happened to preside over the most prolifically creative upsurgence in British music since the 60s.

Then we have KingPresident Georgebush I. Did you know that pretty much Nirvana's entire catalogue came out during his 4 years in office?

Then we got Bill Clinton.
I defy you to name two American pop acts that were truly innovative and creative from that whole 8 years.

And now we have Georgie Porgie and John Major in Britain. And Franz Ferdinand, British Sea Power, the first new Camper Van Beethoven album in 15 years, the first new Stranglers album in a good decade, &c &c &c.

Clearly, our creative freedoms demand that you vote for George W. Bush. Only through the oppression of the fascist insect that preys on the life of the proletariat by oppressing the masses and starving the creative populace can we ever expect to hear good music again.

...okay, I'm not as convinced as I'd like to be either, here. But damn there's been some fine albums the last couple years.
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