October 13th, 2004

mucha mosaic

not a bad start.

Much Nightmare Before Christmas goodies at Hot Topic. I feel torn. On the one hand eew, Hot Topic. On the other hand... bedsheets? An iPod case? FUZZY DICE with Jack's head as the pips???
Shit, it's a tough call.

Louise Wener's second novel, The Perfect Play, is a little less enjoyable than the album Sleeper did, titled The It Girl, when she was still trying to be a pop star. However, it's more enjoyable than many other people's novels.

In other news, they had raspberry scones at the cafe at work this morning.
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    'Stop Your Crying', Sleeper
mucha mosaic

Bit of housecleaning

If you need to attribute an opinion to me that I do not hold, that is, of course, your right. If you wish to not hear my suggestion that this opinion is misattributed, that, also, is your right.
You should not assume that that the scenario above would incline me to listen in the future.
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