September 30th, 2004

ta cheers thanks a lot

halfinched offa lux

Pick three of your icons and explain the significance of each. Pick ones that aren't obvious in their meaning; feel free to go off on tangents, let your head spin and your fingers type. Of course, if all of your icons are obvious in their meaning, then this meme is obviously not for you.
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Neal Stephenson signing

Same as the prior one- well not really. Much smaller crowd, much more civil than over at Cody's in Berkeley. I'm glad I went to the one near the house, also, because I could just traipse home merrily.
Surprise inspiration! Mr. Stephenson did indeed handwrite all of The Baroque Cycle with a fountain pen.

I've always gone 'oh, no, I shouldn't get a fountain pen, they suck when you're left-handed', but... if this fucker can write 2600 pages of fiction with a fountain pen left-handed, I can frigging learn to sign my damn name with one.

For those who have expressed curiosity, I have a ton of books sitting on my bedside table which represent all the reading I've done since the last 'books I started in _____' post I did; they will be catalogued and put on the shelves soon, if only so I'll have room for the new nightstand lamp I bought.