September 6th, 2004

angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)

last 24 hours:

new shoes: they had Proper Doc Martens @ Camden Town tube, so I bought a pair in brown and a pair in black. I'd forgotten how fat the toes are on these. Hee.
Also bought a very expensive coat (it's sleeveless, fullerbodied, cloak sibling is viewable here), because that's what one does in London, apparently. lemasquegris spotted it, but it didn't fit him right (too narrow in the chest). fushicho, you may have a commission coming in the near future. I'll have a model for it to work off, and hey, the thing's not lined...

Totals as of this afternoon:
42 CDs
7 T-shirts
2 pairs boots
1 FRIGHTFULLY EXPENSIVE AND VERY COOL jacket (a cloak version is viewable here).