August 16th, 2004

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Brief polishing-off-lunch update: I Created A Monster, Part the Second

So was browsing lj, just looking for stuff to be amused by.
Remember my confusion a while back at the invite I got to the wedding of a couple of strangers, because they met at a cacophony event that I sort of brainstormed up the premise of? (link leads to prior entry in my journal on said topic)
It gets better.
Their photo albums from the wedding are now linked at you can look for the word 'stormtrooper' on the boingboing page, or more easily, you can just go to the Livejournal RSS aggregation of the article, since someone @ set the page up with white-text-on-white-background.
I think I've arrived.
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Playlist thoughts.

Going to London, as you've probably heard me blather on about.
What music do you think needs to be played on one's walkman while wandering London- while on the tube, while wandering the Millennium Bridge, while waiting in line to get into the British Museum? There're a few choices that I'm dragging along for my own tastes- Aztec Camera's album 'High Land, Hard Rain'; ABC's track 'Tower of London' (from 'How To Be A Zillionaire'); Shriekback's song 'Mothloop' (for the fact that the lyrics include the name of various Underground stops); a good fuckton of Bowie; the Eurythmics' song 'This City Never Sleeps'; the British Sea Power album 'Decline Of', because it seems to fit the Anglophilia, and some Smiths, because that does too...

What does London sound like to you, then? What would you think the soundtrack of London would have to have on it, if you were putting one together?
Suggestions will duly be noted and examined and considered.

UPDATE: add 'Gravity's Angel', Laurie Anderson, to the list here. Perhaps some of Coil's album 'Horse Rotorvator', if not the whole damn album: Penetralia seems to want public transit listening.
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Memetype update (half-inched from fallencathedral)

It's called Artist's Best. Here's how we play:

Review the following list of 20 musical artists and tell us which you think is their best album. You may remove and replace up to 5 artists on the list to better suit your taste (as I have done to fallencathedral's list). You can also change the album to reflect what you think are the best of the artist's (as I have done to fallencathedral's list).

Also, you should post your list into your LJ, so people can poke and prod.

The list (in no particular order): Collapse )