July 19th, 2004

freak sale

Inquisitory meme

Because I've had fun doing the icons up:
you can go here to view my icons. Once you know what the hell you're looking at, here's a few questions for ya.

1. Which of my icons is your favourite and why?
2. Which of my icons is your least favourite and why?
3. Which of my icons have you always wanted context for?
4. Which of my icons have you never noticed I even had before?
5. Which one of them is (ed. the most) me, to you?
I'm adding one question:
6. Which icon do you visually imagine when you think of my journal?
You know, the interesting thing is: 5 is pretty much the same question as 6, so I'm striking it: I'm not as pleased with the phrasing on 5. Oddly, though? Some folks' answers differ on that. How cuuuurious.