June 20th, 2004


Since there're other Science Fiction enthusiasts reading this

you may go to amazon.co.uk and view the cover of the new Iain M. Banks novel by clicking here.

And the more I look at the british covers the more I note- they've been getting simpler and simpler and simpler over the years.


BTW, this beast hits the bookstores Oct 7 in Britain.

UPDATE: because vaspider pointed out the dependency upon cookies I didn't think about.

In other news, waiting on the parents to get home from church so Father's Day noises may be made before I head out the door to take a poster to get framed.

used books bearing gifts.

So a while back I found that I had been paid $293 to take a book out of a bookstore. This was very cool.
Today, I'm reading through an old LeGuin hardcover from '79 that I got used and found a MUNI fast pass in it- probably somebody's bookmark.
from 1980.
Wow, you'd never even believe this thing was a bus pass.
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