May 22nd, 2004



So the lovely Eric Idle decided he didn't much care for the FCC's regulation of free speech, and he wrote a song about it (not at all work-safe).
How would you like for this song to be the not-very-worksafe commentary that comes up when you type 'Bush administration' into Google?
it's easy!

Type the following into your journal:
<a href="">Bush Administration</a>
and you'll come up with:
Bush Administration

You may want to warn people it's not worksafe, of course.
Won't this be fun?
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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)

Stupid fucking bullshit.

So the water in my bathroom? not only does the tub not turn off, it in fact refuses to go down enough that the tub will be empty.
This is the hot water.
The landlord? Says he can't get anyone out here over the weekend.

So I think if I'm going to a social engagement tonight I'm going to be late, if only waiting for the plumber I'm going to call and ask to bill the building owner.

UPDATE: I'm going to be late. However, I am not hiring a plumber- the building owner's got one of his maintenance guys coming around to repair the problem.

FURTHER update: well, that's resolved then, @ 8:36. Wow.
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