May 20th, 2004

angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)

brief and humorous IM convo.

colubra says:
yay, my Morrissey album is somewhere on the campus. Coming to meeee.... comeee to meeeeee
4thwall says:
Can you feeeeeeeeeel it?
colubra says:
I covet. I desire. I want to listen to some great poof nattering on about going back to Camden
4thwall says:
<snickers> Something Mr. Morrissey is all too able to provide you with.

Part of the reason for this icon is the fact that,if it were actually a tube map of London rather than a tube map of an arcane system of defining occluded knowledge, then Camden Town would, I believe, be the sephira labelled as Understanding, as it is the northernmost point where Circle (yellow) and District(green) Underground lines do not correspond.
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    'Slippery People', Talking Heads

New Morrissey gooood.

The dry-and-funny bits are very delightfully funny. He's in grand voice as a singer- and as a lyricist, as well.

He does sound a little bit happier than he sounded all those years ago when we first started listening to Smiths albums. But not TOO MUCH happier.

'Come Back to Camden' makes me teary, which is a feat Moz hasn't managed since 'There Is A Light' way back on The Queen Is Dead in nineteen-eighty-goodCHRIST I'm that old????
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    'I Have Forgiven Jesus', Morrissey