April 17th, 2004

mucha mosaic

Thoughts from tonight's show:

1: The Polyphonic Spree must never see 'A Mighty Wind', lest they realize that they're MADLY less talented than someone farcing their style of music to the Nth degree.
2: The Polyphonic Spree do feature a theramin, which gives them at least one point in my book. They also feature a very cute boy named Toby Halbrooks playing this theramin, which gives them another point. He unfortunately seems to suffer from a rare form of St. Vitus' Dance, which is only actuated when he hears music. This takes away one of the above points. Throw in the fact that (as lyricagent phrased it) they're what would happen if the Partridge Family kept on begetting offspring, and they're back in the negatives.
3: The Polyphonic Spree is the worst opening act for David Bowie I have ever seen, bar none, not for one fucking second.
They are NOT the worst opening act I have ever seen. That was opening act #3 for Aztec Camera in their SF gig on the tour for 'Love': a band named 'Hard Rain', which will forever be etched on my memory as the worst opening act ever, literally, if not perhaps the worst act I've ever seen live.
4: David Bowie is the only 57-year-old I can imagine watching feel up his crotch while singing. Well, okay, the only one I can imagine doing this without suddenly feeling nauseated.
5: god it's just astonishing how much of his original register he's gotten back since quitting smoking. He did 'Supermen' and the only thing he tweaked out of the original register was that final note in the chorus (how soft-leee a super-goooood DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES-- you know, that one): kicked it DOWN a third from 'god', rather than up that huge leap to the Everlasting Note. Everything else he practically sounded like 1969 David Bowie. It is amazing and spooky and cool.
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