April 14th, 2004

mucha mosaic

sleep dep, mordant wit, and a future lined with facestabby.

So at 4:30, somebody called our phone.
Just one ring.
At 4:30 AM.
Wondering WHY this happened kept me up the rest of the night save for about an hour between 7 and 8.

Went to browse hotornot.com because the comedic value of people's efforts to make themselves sound appealing is about the intellectual level I'm at, at this point.
Here I find a guy who tells us:
About Pic: What can I say, I'm spontaneous and like to have fun!
The photo of him is an image of a guy too far away to discern facial features, in downtown LA, hugging a streetlight.
...that streetlight better feel a lot more fun than it looks, pal.

Currently there are no specific names on the 'people who I want to stab in the face over the internet or perhaps in person' list.
...I'm still waiting for the catch.
It's probably just the sleep dep.