March 22nd, 2004


Thoughts on new Poppy Z. Brite novel.

1: I need to go to New Orleans. Apparently, October is the time to do so.
2: I am SO HUNGRY. I CRAVE good food. I DESIRE IT CARNALLY. And I normally just ain't much of an eater: I'm one of those who eats to live, as opposed to living to eat. So that says something about how lovingly the food stuff is written.
This shit is fucking food porn, Gentle Reader.
3: Somebody's been reading John Kennedy Toole lately. --which is all good, I hasten to add.

I strongly STRONGLY recommend this novel. No, it's not horror. No, it's not even really queer-oriented- what little gay content exists is subplot level.
It's very charming. And very witty. And damn funny in places. And very... real.

So go buy Poppy Z. Brite's new novel, 'Liquor', now available at fine booksellers everywhere. If your local bookseller hasn't got it, they ain't a fine one!