January 28th, 2004


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David Bowie's still got it.

And he's got, at this point, a good enough range after quitting smoking that he can do 'Man Who Sold The World' in the original register.
He can do 'Five Years' sounding almost as if it were straight off the 'Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust' film soundtrack.

Oh, and he can do it for 2 and a half frigging hours, too. That just floored me.
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additional bowiespew

An interview in the San Jose newspaper; the last paragraph is the most interestingly telling bit, though I especially laughed at:
So how does the unearthly young-looking 57-year-old feel about his past characters?

``I think they are a bit theatrical to me,'' Bowie says on the phone from Detroit. ``You wouldn't catch ME wearing that stuff.''

And the funniest moment of the show:
He did All the Young Dudes, challenging us 'sing along if you can, 'cause I know it's a bit of a stretch up there'. We do. 'Wow! That was terrific! You guys did such a great job on backup vocals... that's the best I've heard the whole tour!' *audience cheers* 'So here, you do the next one.'
The band launched into China Girl, Bowie sitting to one side- and getting this more and more troubled look as no vocals are audible. Finally, he waves his hand and stops the band, getting to his feet again and looking out at us. 'Now THAT was fucking paTHETic.'

Oh, and also on the way out of the club I saw two people from the party last weekend, one of whom was the gentleman who emits the powerful sleep ray when vexed.
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