January 22nd, 2004


Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Audience Participation (for some reason)

For some reason, I am haunted and amused by an image I came up with off the cuff a few days ago. I'll quote it out of a log from the game in question:

[Slytherin] Roderick imagines Carson as Saruman. "TONIGHT, you big brutes, you taste man quiche!"
[Slytherin] Matthew DIES.
[Slytherin] Hot And Bothered Snape HOWLs
[Slytherin] Fighting the Man, Dougal says, "...there's just too much material in that."
[Slytherin] Roderick says, "I don't know about this whole... rugged beast-man thing. It's so very seventies, don't you think?"
[Slytherin] Brenna says, "So that's how you spell tzjuj.."
[Slytherin] Hot And Bothered Snape says, "Gesundheit."
[Slytherin] Roderick "Graughr akthakntothk!" "Oh I know, we're always afraid to try a change. KYAN! This fellow /needs/ a facial."

So I keep imagining Carson in Saruman costume, saying 'Tonight, you taste man flesh!'-- and this amuses me to no end.

Kyan saying 'I find your lack of faith disturbing' isn't that funny. I want it to be, but it just isn't.

--So. What other film lines become really quite funny when delivered by someone from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?
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woe is me

Stupid British journalists

The Mirror, britain's worst newspaper:

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for my money- NO, I don't read that out of Harry's experiences. I do, however, see parallels to any kid who has something that makes him different- extra smarts, artistic ability, homosexuality. I think that, in fact, is part of why the books succeed so broadly: the author has invented a nice coded manner of discussing the feeling that you're the cuckoo's egg hatched in the whippoorwill's nest-- which is something we ALL remember, I think, from being teenagers. She's talking about it just vaguely enough- glancingly enough- that it makes Harry seem a bit more real to the reader.
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