January 14th, 2004


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more weird dreams. Nothing bloody and nothing involving parents.

I dreamed that I was at lemasquegris and vampirequeen's house. They were having a party.
Their house was very interesting, in that you could go into one room and decorate the rest of it. By 'decorate the rest of it', I mean an interface that worked just like The Sims. I got to decorate the back porch.
Then I dreamed I went to use their bathroom and there were many many many many many cats in it. Like, more than twenty. And the cats wouldn't leave me be, so I could not use the facilities.
Then I woke up and realized that the cats had the right idea, got up, and went to the bathroom.
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So what it is it about guys named Derek.

For the longest time, every guy I would develop a crush on from a distance- would run into at the local cafe and drool over- was a dark-haired, green-eyed boy with a slim build who would turn out to be named Derek.
It was positively spooky- to the extent that if I started drooling over a guy, friends just refer to him as 'Derek' if nobody knew his name. And nine times out of ten (or 14 times out of 16, to be more accurate), they'd be right.

Went to pub last night w/ lemasquegris and vampirequeen and fuschiko and fiveinchpixie and wurmfood, for trivia night. The boy I'd noticed last time I was there was there again, and a bit of conversation happened.
Guess what this dark-haired green-eyed boy's name is.

Anyone else have a name that just sort of plagues you like this, or do I live in a weird Jungian sub-basement?
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