January 10th, 2004



Apollo was drilled into space with the giant Saturn V rocket, the most powerful launcher ever built by the United States. After the Apollo program ended, the equipment, tools and plans for building the rocket were lost. (from AP, and per CNN)
What the FUCK? I mean-- it's been ONLY 35 YEARS. WHERE did you LOSE them? Did nobody think that hanging onto such things would be WISE?
I'm frankly surprised that there's not a copy of the whole schmear in some engineer's home, which he sometimes pores over and says 'yeah... that worked right' when he wonders if he did anything useful with his life.
And we wonder why we can't design a successful re-usable transport device (my benchmark for 'successful' is a transport device that dies on return less than twice in anything under 10000 uses. Ergo, the Space Shuttle was not successful)?

The plans for the Saturn V were deliberately destroyed, I am told. Because if they hadn't, engineering teams felt, the Shuttle would NEVER get off the ground.
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How in hell did 7:30 happen without me noticing?

For those of you closer to it, I am still on my way to nicolascaesar's 'do: I am going to be late. For those of you closer to this, meanwhile- My arrival at feyandstrange's birthday do will be somewhat postponed.


I fly.
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