January 9th, 2004

mucha mosaic

There are bored people on my friendslist, and I can provide them something to amuse themselves.

I'm stealing this from scanner_darkly who stole it from djcrowley who stole it from someone else.

You know, these 'meme' things are always "enough about me...let's talk about me!" but this one has to do with MUSIC too.

What songs, if any, remind you of me? UPDATE: I kind of am asking for specific songs here, because it's a bit hard to make a playlist that is 'Bowie songs'. Yeah, I'm a Bowie fanatic, but which Bowie makes you think of me, as opposed to just thinking 'oh he likes Bowie'?

scanner_darkly suggests (and I agree) that it would be pretty interesting to have a playlist to listen to that's nothing but the songs people answer this question with.
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    'Mayan Skies', The Stranglers