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Failure of the 'Synopsize my movie' quizlet.

I cannot do a 'Romance' movie with three male cast members. Even if I've kissed two of them. It claims that the pronouns would get very confusing.

As an illustration, I therefore grabbed a couple of people off my LJ friendslist, ran the thing twice, setting their genders to male once, and mine once, and combined the casting lists. I don't see any real pronoun confusion, but maybe I need to read more closely?

Colubra in Love Probably
Endearing and elegant, this beloved romance, set in the fictional country of Elbonia, depicts soul mates, toast3r (Jeff Goldblum) and colubra (Chow Yun-Fat), who discover themselves in turmoil when a plot to keep them apart has been triggered by colubra's selfish father, digitalsidhe (Mike Myers). Treat yourself, don't see this movie.
Produced by ianiceboy

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