December 26th, 2003

mucha mosaic

It gets more pathetically amusing

Some people were hugely cheesed that I wrote a long post about my holidays having sucked ass. Apparently, because I had drama with my relatives I should shut the fuck up and be thankful I was at least able to have drama with my relatives.
This seems, to me, like a misuse of logic in the service of simple self-aggrandizement. It seems to boil down to the following:
'You think YOUR Christmas sucked? MY christmas has been EVEN WORSE BEFORE so SHUT UP because MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT.'

And more amusingly, these people went off at great length about how terrible it was that I was going on about how terrible it was. Maybe I'm just a bitter evil vindictive creature, but it's funny to me to hear people saying something like 'God I HATE how people get up in front of other people and bitch about people, I hate that, it's terrible, how can these fuckers be so inconsiderate?!?'
--while up in front of, uhm, a group of other people.

For those who had good holidays- I'm very happy to know that. Everyone SHOULD have a pleasant holiday. Mine sucked. Fucking hugely.
I'm sorry if my holidays sucking ass somehow violates your sense of balance in the universe or something, but that's not going to change the fact that mine did indeed felch the donkey.
This whole little series of melodramas suggests to me that I should, instead, just talk to people who are friends about what's bugging me, instead of offering to acquiantances a chance to read a stranger going 'it sucked' and feeling a bit less alone in that.
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