October 13th, 2003

mucha mosaic

Okay, LAST Bubba Ho-Tep post

I have four confirmed tickets I need to buy:
cr0wgrrl and spouse, along with sinick and spouse.
If you are not one of these four people and want me to pick up a ticket for you, tomorrow, for the 9:15 Tuesday show, Now would be a VERY good time to let me know about it, kids. :)

More reading statistics

Quicksilver (920 pages)
Dread Empire's Fall: the Praxis (1355 pages)
True Names, (1435 pages, approx)
I Sing The Body Electric! (1710 pages, approx)

Yes, all since 9/25.
I do indeed read too much (though I Sing The Body Electric! is a re-re-re-reread: found a copy used and didn't have one already, so.)
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