September 18th, 2003

mucha mosaic

Oh for the love of fucking christ (Take Two).

THIS shit makes me want to weep. What is it? It's a website built to explain the multifarious arcana of Beastie Boys references.

welcomerain, a Beastie Boys fan, scowls at colubra
colubra says "welcomerain: I LIKE the Beastie Boys."
colubra says "They're FINE."
welcomerain says "You might want to mention that in your sneering LJ post"
colubra says "it bothers me that a site THAT INVOLVED exists to explain the SEEKRIT COMPLICATED CODE which is their references."


I finally own ALL THREE Barry Hughart novels (Bridge of Birds, The Story of the Stone, & Eight Skilled Gentlemen). Just got a library copy of Story of the Stone in the mail, after looking for the damn thing for years and years.
Now I can finally READ it.
I think I have cadhla, by way of netdancer, to thank for these. I THINK. Or perhaps it was oneminutemonkey and alemya. Somebody in the Crosstimes MUSH group, at any rate.
Whomever it is that I ought to thank- I can also now harbor a lingering sulky resentment NO LONGER about the fact I couldn't find the damned thing.
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