August 10th, 2003

mucha mosaic

and if only I could remember these dreams, I know they're trying to tell me- something.

But god knows what.
Dreamed that I was living where I live, and was temping again. I was between assignments and wound up helping a female friend/acquaintance (who I think MAY have been nux_vomica) with a stage set, for some theatrical production for a show she was in. She was attending some arts school that doesn't exist, about 10 blocks northeastish of my house. No, further than that- walking home involved going through Japantown.
I have no idea what show it was, and the set was very odd. I wound up mispainting portions of it over and over (see, I was operating under this weird perception that the downstage portion of the set should perhaps be something other than bare wood). Then, my celphone rang; it was my temp contracting agency. I had been asked to work on this theatrical production, would I be interested in taking the job?
'Oh, that'd be fun- and I'm already there, so that would work nicely. Yes, please!'
'Okay, well I've spoken to everyone who's available to take it so-' sound of rummaging through papers 'One...' rummagerummage 'and there's #2...' rummage 'three- and there you are. you're on.'
'Great! How long's it for?'
pause- clickclick- chorus of female voices over the phone singing
'When in July?'
pause- same chorus

Then I woke up.
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mucha mosaic

nihilistic_kid does it again.

I just spluttered wine all over myself at his tale of being involved in a Korean wedding party. They just sold the haam today, for those who are in the know about Korean bridal ceremonies. For those not in the know, well, as rollick put it:

You're saying you strapped a flattened, frozen cephalopod to your face and extorted a bunch of cash out of an elderly Korean man?

Man, my weekend suddenly seems boring.
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