August 2nd, 2003

thwack (by lj-user twoflower)

Virgin mary was tired.

So tired.
Tired of listening to gossip. Gossip and complaints.
They came from next door.
And a bewildered stream of chatter, from all sorts of
All sorts of, of tiny whores
Came from next door.

So fucking tired.
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Today I did some digging on the background of the most recent Scots character I've been playing (on a Harry Potter game), who is of a family that's a wizarding offshoot of the MacLeish family. I discovered that, in fact, every goddamned Scottish character I have played in 12 years of MUSHing is a member of Clan MacPherson.
I've only ever known one member of this clan RL... and never really have bothered with digging around for who they are, etc. But all these characters I've come up with were all of this Clan.

Weird. Eerie.
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First five pages...

...of Ilium have been read.
Oh, but it's Simmons at his best. Pant. Wow.

I don't know what it is I like about his writing, honestly- I can't put a finger on it and go 'THAT! THAT'S THE BRILLIANT THING! THAT IS THE GEM WITHOUT PRICE!'- but every time I read a good Dan Simmons book (Hyperion, or The Crook Factory), I am completely enveloped by it.
Funky stuff. But yes. Colubra-bob says: read the flyleaf of the book, and if you like what you skim through there, then definitely check it out.
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Is this funny?

I can't decide.
The context may be limited to far too few people. But I laughed until my stomach hurt.

A bit of context: 'objoke' = 'joke that you are obliged to make'. The 'comedy' equivalent of saying 'bread and butter' when you and the person you're walking with go on opposite sides of a streetlight pole.